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Images - Macbeth
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Performance Details - Macbeth
Coe/Ingeborg, Round House, February 1972
"Visually the production has some splendid moments. The witches or ju ju men, with their energetic chanting and dancing attain a credibility which is usually denied the Celtic cackling hags one sees in most productions. The costumes, towering fur hats, richly coloured cloaks, grotesque masks, consistantly dazzle the eye and create an exotic primitive world to match the raw hidden emotions touched by this play." Milton Shulman, Evening Standard 24.2.72
Opening Date: 32 February 1972
Theatre: Round House.
Theatre Company: Round House
Cast - Macbeth
Lincoln Webb Akamba
Neville Aurelius Bwandi
Bernard Boston Dendeu/Murderer
Colin Prowell Doctor
Christopher Asante Duruma/Murderer
Earle Anthony Lenana
Salami Coker Mashasha
Oscar james Mbeth
Jeffrey Kissoon Meru
Danny Daniels Rendile
Charles Hyatt Semba
George Henry/Anthony Harris Son of Mashasha/Son of Bwandi
Kwesi Kay Benita Enwonwu and Gordon Tialobi The Ju Ju
Merdel Jordine Wife of Mashasha
Mona Hammond Wife of Mbeth
Raymond Maclean choreography
Ingeborg designer
Peter Coe director
Dave Cohen lighting
William Shakespeare playwright

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