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Images - Romeo and Juliet
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Performance Details - Romeo and Juliet
Branagh/Burnett, Kenneth Branagh Ltd, August 1986
"Kate Burnett's set consists of the familiar scaffolding, a flight of steps on each side and a gap in the middle of the upper walkway...In her Jane Wyman hairdo and fifties dress, Samantha Bond's Juliet provides an odd contrast with the men in their stylised costumes of dyed blouses and black trousers over boots." Martin Hoyle, Financial Times 15.8.86
Opening Date: 14 August 1986
Theatre: Lyric Studio
Theatre Company: Kenneth Branagh Ltd
Cast - Romeo and Juliet
Ian Targett Benvolio
Andrew Jarvis Capulet
Leslie Southwick Escalus Prince of Verona/Apothecary
Samantha Bond Juliet
Gay Hamilton Lady Capulet
Mark Hadfield Mercutio/Friar Lawrence
John Gray Montague/Friar John
Anne Carroll Nurse
Simon Shepherd Paris/Tybalt
Nicola Wright Peter
Kenneth Branagh Romeo
Kate Burnett designer
Kenneth Branagh director
Brian Harris lighting
Jessica Higgs music
William Shakespeare playwright

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