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Images - Macbeth
This Performance Has No Images.
Performance Details - Macbeth
Benedict/Victory, Oracle Productions and Dream Makers Ltd, February 1996
Opening Date: 13 February 1996
Theatre: Wimbledon
Theatre Company: Oracle Productions and Dream Makers Ltd
Cast - Macbeth
Jasper Britton Banquo
Peter Benedict Doctor
Peter Bayliss Duncan
Robert Murtagh Duncan?s Bodyguard
Kieran J McNamara Fleance
Nicola Duffett Lady Macbeth
Julia Reed Lady Macduff
Mark McGann Macbeth
Lee Welch Macdonalwald
Bill French Macduff
Theo Campbell Macduff Major
Elliott Poole Macduff Minor
Vince Pellegrino Malcolm
Rocky Marshall Ross
Ricci Harnett Seyton
Luke Burton Sinel/Murderer
Natalie Wright Witch
Chris Victory designer
Peter Benedict director
Roger Simonsz lighting
William Shakespeare playwright
Wimbledon venue

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