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Performances List - Tempest, The
Atkins, New Shakespeare Company, June 1960
Barton/Morley, Royal Shakespeare Company, October 1970 (6 images)
Blake, Change in Speak Theatre Company, October 1994
Bogdanov/Bannister, New Shakespeare Company, March 1979 (6 images)
Bogdanov/Bannister, Young Vic, November 1978 (7 images)
Bogdanov/Dyer, English Shakespeare Company, November 1992 (3 images)
Brook&Williams/Farrah, Royal Shakespeare Company, April 1963 (6 images)
CBJ/Donnellan/Ormerod, Cheek By Jowl, November 1988 (3 images)
Daniels/Bjornson, Royal Shakespeare Company, August 1982 (18 images)
Daniels/Bjornson, Royal Shakespeare Company, September 1983 (12 images)
DigbyDay/Surrey, New Shakespeare Company, May 1972
Garland/Higlett, New Shakespeare Company, June 1996 (4 images)
Grout/Avery, St. George's, April 1983
Hack/Sharp, Royal Shakespeare Company, October 1974
Hall/Bury, National Theatre, March 1974
Hall/Chitty, National Theatre Company, May 1988 (5 images)
Hall/Chitty, National Theatre Company, September 1988
Harrison/Cavanagh, Leeds Playhouse, February 1975
Holsten/Frith&Read, Logos Theatre Company, April 2000
Horwood/Hancock, Isleworth Actors Company, March 1999
Hurst/Curtis, Grace Theatre Company, April 1997
Hytner/Fielding, Royal Shakespeare Company, July 1988 (9 images)
Hytner/Fielding, Royal Shakespeare Company, May 1989
Kent/Brown, Almeida Theatre, December 2000 (7 images)
MacDonald/Herbert, Royal Shakespeare Company, November 2000
Meckler/Jump, Shared Experience Theatre in association with Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, January 1997
Mendes/Ward, Royal Shakespeare Company, August 1993 (9 images)
Mendes/Ward, Royal Shakespeare Company, July 1994
Miller/Collins, Mermaid Theatre Trust, June 1970
Miller/Hudson, Old Vic, October 1988 (4 images)
Neville/Hurry, Old Vic, May 1962
Ninagawa/Suzuki, Ninagawa Company/Royal Shakespeare Company, December 1992 (10 images)
Noble/Ward, Royal Shakespeare Company, February 1998 (10 images)
Noble/Ward, Royal Shakespeare Company, January 1999
Norris/Lindsay, Arts Threshold's Enterprise, November 1992
Philippou/Davey, Actors Touring Company, April 1999
Retallack/Barnes, Actors Touring Company, February 1983
Rumbelow, Triple Action Theatre, August 1972
Rylance/Tiramani&Hargreaves, Phoebus Cart, June 1991 (6 images)
Simmons/Jones, Pip Simmons Theatre Group, May 1978
Thacker/Keegan, Royal Shakespeare Company, July 1995
Thacker/Keegan, Royal Shakespeare Company, June 1995 (8 images)
Thompson/Peters, AandBC Theatre Company, August 1999
Thompson/Peters, AandBC Theatre Company, August 2000
Udovicki&Carroll/Ursulov, Shakespeare's Globe, May 2000 (7 images)
Williams/Koltai, Royal Shakespeare Company, May 1978 (5 images)

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